Online review generation

Real Readers is an Amazon Vine-style programme to get advance copies of books to committed and interested readers, who then write reviews and provide feedback.

We liaise with our Real Readers, collate the results of their activity and report back to you. Our readers are scored on how articulately and promptly they review books, and scores are used to determine their chances of receiving further titles.

The most interesting and articulate reviews also appear on Nudge.

How does it work?

The process for submitting a title is:

  • You complete a simple form – this is designed to help us know how many Real Readers to pick, and identify the best readers for the title being put forward
  • We will then supply a cover-note to be included with each copy of the book that is mailed out, along with mailing labels for the selected Real Readers
  • We will collate the resulting reviews and keep you updated on Amazon reviews, blog postings, posts on Librarything, Goodreads, Shelfari and any other activity generated by our Real Readers
  • We can also contact selected Real Readers on your behalf and ask them specific questions about your title. We can also target reading groups for specific activities